Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jackson Kayaks now at WCK!

We've got a lot of new stuff for 2011, possibly the most exciting of which is the latest addition to our kayak line up. While Jackson is one of the newer kids on the block in the kayaking industry, they have definitely taken the kayak world by storm. After enjoying much success in their whitewater line up, they are now raising the bar for touring and recreational paddling as well.

Jackson is known for its innovation, and has a habit of introducing multiple new boats each year. We like new, so making the Jackson line part of our family was a no-brainer. Aside from making boats that actually fit all sizes of paddlers, big or small, Jackson isn't afraid to try something new. This is evident across their line of boats from whitewater, rec and touring to the always growing fishing kayak market.

This week we got our first shipment of shiny new Jackson boats, and I do mean shiny. These guys keep their molds in top notch condition and it shows in the finished product. The shine and finish to these boats are as good as anything I have seen before on plastic kayaks, bravo!

Our first mound of Jackson boats.

Jackson does an awesome job on their mixed color boats. This Super Star was our of my favorite color mixes.

The Journey comes in 13.5' or 14'. It's got comfortable outfitting and a really nice loose feel on the water. Considering this is the first ever light touring boat they have built, they should be pretty happy with the outcome. We have demo's available for all Jackson Kayaks.

Jackson's Villain series of creek boats is their newest whitewater boat and it's getting great reviews, especially by the big boys. The larger Villain is one of the largest fitting creek boats on the market. There is a ton of room for multi days in the back of this bad boy.Laura Demers and Ryan Bayes in the new Dynamic Duo dropping into the last hole on the Chilliwack Canyon. We took a nice brisk December swim a few seconds after this picture. A Gore-Tex Dry Suit is a must for winter whitewater in BC.

Check our website in February for spring demo dates and come try out some Jackson for yourself.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

More new stuff arriving for 2011

As 2011 creeps closer we are starting to get in new product for next season. Some of the new items that have arrived include:

New Deck Stash Bag Never lose a water bottle again.
The Deck Stash Bag is the perfect accessory for keeping your necessities close at hand.
The water bottle holder will fit the typical 25 oz. stainless steel water bottle. The zipper mesh compartment is great for storing items like suntan lotion, lip balm, sun glasses, stirrup, etc.
Easy to attach and remove with 4 side squeeze buckles that connect to the deck line or bungees in front of the cockpit (water bottle not included).

We've also got some new dry bags from Outdoor Research. OR has some cool new takes on keeping your gear dry. With everything from cool graphics, to window bags and double roll top closures give the ultimate in dry protection.

Indian Arm Explorer;

Hiking & Kayaking around Indian Arm, Vancouver:
Cutting deep into the Coast Range Mountains, Indian Arm is Vancouver’s very own “local fjord”, and offers a wealth of exploration opportunities to kayakers and boaters alike. Visitors to these (relatively) sheltered waters will experience rocky islands, cascading waterfalls, secluded beaches, camping spots, quaint oceanfront dwellings and a wealth of marine wildlife

Those of us that already own the Astral Green Jacket know its one of the best pieces of paddle sports gear money can buy. The green jacket is unrestricted for any type of paddling and packed full of goodies like pockets, quick releases and just about anything else an avid sea kayaker or whitewater paddler could hope for in a PFD. So, how could this ever be improved upon?? Well the good folks at Astral stepped up the sexy on this latest "Limited Edition". The LE4 has some super retro colors that clash so hard they actually work. As the name suggest the Limited Edition is, well, limited so get one before you're left looking just like every other paddler.

Were also excited about a new line of skirts for 2011. After viewing the samples we were sure that Seals Skirts were something we should be carrying. Seals Skirts are all hand crafted in New York, its very refreshing to see some paddle sports gear still being made in north America, and their quality backs up their claims of top notch gear. We have several models now in stock and more to come.

Check out their full line of skirts here.

Laura Demers modeling the new Astral Green Jacket, Seals Skirts and OR dry bags.

Check back for more updates on all the new gear for 2011.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More new boats arriving at WCK in time for the Holidays.

I just got back yesterday from picking up another load of kayaks from our friends at Pyrnaha. This shipment is particularly exciting for us as there are several new boats that we have never had at WCK before.

The Everest, Karnali, and Varun are all new additions to our ever growing whitewater line.

The Karnali is a river running creek boat with softer edges than other Pyrnaha whitewater boats giving it a more relaxed feel for paddlers who are not as comfortable with aggressive edges.

The Everest is the 'big boy' in expedition paddling, at home on rivers or creeks this kayak has a ton of storage and volume and makes it a favorite amongst bigger paddlers as well as people looking to load up the back of their boat for self supported multi day trips.

The Varun is Pyrnaha's new river running play boat, and it shreads. There is a review on this kayak that can be found on the local whitewater website The medium size unit is the only one we stock now, but we will be getting in the Large and Small sizes as they available.

The Fusion S (Small) is now also in stock. The Fusion is truly a cross-over kayak designed for flat water paddling up to moderate whitewater river. The new smaller size will give smaller paddlers a better fit and more control for venturing into whitewater. These are super stable and beginner friendly boats for people wanting to get out on the river but not having a ton of experience. Even though it's not a full on whitewater boat we still recommend taking some lessons before hitting the rivers.

Both sizes of the Fusion come with retractable skeg and rear hatch and bulkhead making flat water paddling and loading a breeze for longer trips.

We will be getting in some new Jackson rec. and touring boats, as well as whitewater kayaks in the next week. Stay tuned for updates on that and Western's new line of composite kayaks made by Stellar. Steller kayaks are infused composite boats and some of the lightest on the market.

Ryan Bayes

Friday, December 3, 2010

Four Creeks We are in Danger of Loosing

Four Creeks we are in Danger of Loosing by Ryan Bayes

Independent Power Projects, aka IPPs, are being planned here in our back yards - and most of us don't have a clue what has been going on. These creeks include: Big Silver, Shovel, Tretheway and Statlu.

There are over 800 applications for Run-of River projects on B.C's creeks and rivers. These are just four. They've been labelled as green energy, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

The above photo was taken at a recent IPP site on the Ashlu River.

These projects destroy huge amounts of wildlife habitat, ruin recreational experiences for everyone from kayakers, canoers, hikers, dirt bikes/atv's as well as fisherman. These projects have been proven time and again to have a huge negative impact on fish habitat.

As if that wasn't enough, these projects are all owned by American Corporations making millions of dollars off BC's resources. Very little of this money will stay in B.C. BC hydro is forced to buy the power these projects produce for astronomical rates. Ultimately this is going to increase the rate B.C. citizens pay for electricity. Right now we enjoy some of the lowest hydro rates anywhere in the world, as we should.

There are four projects currently planned for the Harrison Lake area. including all the major tributaries to the lake. If we don't make ourselves heard now, these pristine areas will be lost forever.

Most IPP's have a terrible track records for environmental mishaps on their projects. And for the most part they are never called on the carpet for their mistakes. Having part of the flow diverted, as is the case with IPP's, will mean a river never reaches it's full flood stage. These really high water events are the river's way of naturally flushing out wood and debris that can build up over a season. Without 'high water' it is highly likely that log jams and other hazards will build up over time and eventually make a river to dangerous to paddle.

At high water, or flood, the river will also replenish gravel and sand banks that have washed away during the season. This is key for fish habitat and spawning. Sediment will build up in the 'hold back' at the intake for the projects and never make it down stream where it's needed by fish and other wildlife.

It's time to stop these projects from taking BC's resources and in the process permanently scarring our beautiful province for ever.

To read more comments about these projects, please log on to

More info on Run-of-River projects in BC can be found at:

Please pass this along to anyone you know who fishes, hikes, paddles..and enjoys B.C.'s pristine back country. Help us keep British Columbia 'The Best Place on Earth'