Thursday, May 26, 2011

Immersion Research now at WCK!

It's like Christmas in May today. We got our first shipment of some hot new Immersion Research gear. Immersion Research is known for making awesome gear and seemed like a no brainer fit for WCK. The company is run by paddlers so you can rest assured the gear is all tested and ready for some action.

Laura drooling over some sweet looking IR pants and decks.

The first round of IR gear brought with it the already famous rubber rand Lucky Charm Skirt. As if the IR Rubber Rand skirts weren't already dry enough now they have extra sealing flaps on them to make these one if not the dry-est decks on the market.

Extra dry flappers means no unwanted water in your boat!

At $110 the IR Shockwave deck is a great value for up and coming paddlers not requiring the extra holding power of the rubber rand skirts.

The IR Competition pants with neoprene ankle gaskets and waist enclosure offers added safety over rubber ankle gaskets while offering an almost dry fit for time spent standing in the water.

IR offers a wide range of super comfortable back-bands to upgrade your ride with. We are stocking the Forward Adjust Reggie back band. this kit comes with everything you need to swap into a Jackson Kayak for people looking to swap from the rope back bands that come in the Jackson to the ratchet systems. Check IR web site for a detailed install video on a Jackson Kayak.

Check back soon to see what other great gear we will be bringing in from IR.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meet the Peace

The Story of the Peace River and the Threat of the Site C Dam

The Treaty 8 First Nations, the Wilderness Committee and the Peace Valley Environment Association are embarking on a province-wide speaking tour to talk about the threats to the beautiful and the ecologically important Peace River Valley.
And it’s coming to Victoria, Vancouver, Roberts Creek and Whistler.
The beautiful Peace River Valley is under threat. Come learn about the consequences of the Site C project and hear first hand from some of the people most directly impacted by the project. If you care about climate change, food security, indigenous rights and wilderness areas, or are curious about energy demands in the province, this is a must attend event.
Our province is full of beautiful places, but there are few places with both the spectacular beauty and the ecological importance to match the Peace River Valley.

Nestled in the northeast corner of British Columbia, the Peace River flows from the Rocky Mountains towards the Arctic Ocean. The valley is home to Treaty 8 First Nations' hunting, fishing, and trapping grounds, fertile agricultural lands and farms, old-growth boreal forests, and is one of the most important wildlife corridors in the Yellowstone to Yukon migration corridor chain.

In an area already fractured by oil and gas development, and on a river already choked by two existing dams, the government of BC wants to build the $8 billion Site C Dam. The proposed 60 meter high Site C mega-dam would flood over 100 kilometres of river valley, drowning a land area equal to 14 Stanley Parks, and causing landslides as the banks of the reservoir erode over time.
The cost of the proposed Site C Dam continues to skyrocket and it’s going to hit the pocketbooks of all BC citizens. In 2006, the estimated cost of the 60 metre high dam was less than $3 billion. In 2008, the cost jumped to $6.6 billion. Currently, BC Hydro’s revised estimate for the mega-hydro project is almost $8 billion. This astronomical amount, in addition to a budgeted $6 billion dollars for maintenance on existing dams, is bound to increase residential rates well over BC Hydro’s estimate of 50% in the next 5 years.
Thank you to Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of BC's Sunshine Coast Chapter and the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association for partnering with us on this stop on the tour.

Our Speaking Tour Presentation Schedule is as follows (all presentations are from 7 -9 p.m.):

Victoria Vancouver Roberts Creek Whistler
Monday, May 30 Tuesday, May 31 Wednesday, June 1 Thursday, June 2
First Metropolitan Heritage Hall Roberts Creek Whistler Public
United Church 3102 Main St. Community Centre Library
Corner of Quadra and 1309 Roberts Ck Rd 4329 Main St.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Naish Boards now at WCK!

We received our first shipment of Naish boards yesterday. These boards are sweet!

Laura getting to know the Nalu 11'6'

We are stocking the soft tops, some of the Nalu's and even a race board or two.

Dion sussing out the 10' soft top.

Contact us to sign up for one of the demo days!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Canoe and Kayak Demo's underway!

This last weekend Team Clipper was on the road doing some clinics and boat demos with our 3 Okanagan Valhalla Pure dealers in Kamloops, Vernon and Kelowna. With knowledgeable staff and a large selection of Clipper Canoes in stock it's easy to see why these 3 stores are such strong dealers for Clipper.

Our first demo was on the North Thompson River in Kamloops. Along with the reps from Confluence Watersports and Delta kayaks. Between the stores demos and all the reps boats there was no shortage of boats to pick from. All though there were a few snow flakes falling during breakfast the weather stayed decent until after the demo.

Neil from Valhalla Kamloops taking out the always beautiful Basalt Prospector by Clipper.

The local outrigger and dragon boat teams were also out for a paddle that morning.

The next day we were headed to Pioneer Park in Oyama for a joint Vernon /Kelowna Valhalla demo. Despite grey cloud and threats of snow there was a huge turn out for this demo. Lots of people came out to paddle that morning with more future canoes owners than I've met in a long time.

The Tripper S by Clipper and The Commander by Wilderness Systems out for a cruise.

While the snow manged to hold during our demo's it wasn't afraid to remind us, on the way home just how persistent winter can be here in BC. Extra snow in the hills means more water in the rivers, don't miss out on this awesome year for whitewater paddling. Check here for whitewater kayak: Purple Hayes lesson Schedule.

Western Canoeing and Kayaking has also been running some local demos at Cultus and Mill Lake as well as Jericho beach in Vancouver. With the addition of Hobie Kayaks and their unique Mirage Drive as well as paddle boards we have had to add a lot of extra demos this year. Look here for the next WCK Demo days.

Shelly on the Big Easy by Starboard with the 3 demo Hobie Islands ready to go on the beach. Even with only light wind the Hobie sailing kayaks really fly.

Laura giving the run down on the Hobie controls. The cool 'roller fairing' sail and boom less design make learning to sail a Hobie really easy.

The Hobie Pro Angler is the ultimate fish killing platform. It comes from the factory with upgraded Turbo fins on the Mirage drive and is as mobile as any sleeker kayak but offers enough stability and room for standing and walking around. This thing is seriously decked out for fishing.

Stay tuned for more updates on Demo's and clinics.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Paddling Across Canada

The week of April 11th saw two different expeditions pass through our doors, hoping to paddle across Canada in the next six months.
Dave and Matheson Turgeon arrived by train early Wednesday morning with all their gear ready to go, they just needed their new Clipper Tripper canoe. We loaded them up and took them down to the Fraser River, under the Mission Bridge and sent them on their way.

The Turgeons are paddling to raise money for Sick Kids Foundation, and after paddling up the Fraser River to Hope, they will be portaging and paddling to the North Saskatchewan River following traditional voyageur routes to Montreal. They hope to complete their journey in early October. You can check out their website at

On Thursday morning, Ross Phillips and company arrived to pick up the third of three 18.5 Jensen kevlar Whitewater II's. Their expedition, called Cross Canada Canoe Odyssey, left the Pacific Ocean on April 17th paddling up the north arm of the Fraser and continuing on up to Hope where they will be pedaling, paddling, and portaging their way to New Brunswick.

This hearty crew is hoping to raise awareness for the efforts of the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Canadian Heritage River System. You can check out their website at

Canoe Art

We always think our canoes are works of art, but this one really is. This 31' Northern Dancer canoe has been freighted up to Klemtu on the coast of British Columbia to the new ferry terminal there. No this isn't a new vessel for BC Ferries, it will be mounted on two totems and be the gateway into the new terminal.

The canoe in front of the 'Klemtu Canoe' is a 45' long Outrigger we're working on. The canoe behind, just being constructed in a mold, is a 36' Pacific Dancer...lots of big stuff happening at CLIPPER Canoes.