Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pulling Together nominated by Canoe & Kayak Magazine

Canoe and Kayak Magzine has announced it's nominees for their inaugural award category "Paddle with a Purpose" These awards are a forum for the paddling community to recognize excellence in paddling.  Winners are nominated by their peers and chosen by everyday paddlers like you. Canoe & Kayak celebrates all aspects of paddling but like to focus on events that inspire readers to seek out their own paddling adventures. 

Pulling Together is one of five noteworthy nominees. Their paddling journeys focus on building trust between police and native youth.  Along the way paddlers pull together to renew trust and bridge cultrual gaps through the common cause of paddling canoes. Hundreds of paddlers have participated in the journeys that have happened all over Canada's west coast since 1997.

Clipper Canoes has been a proud supporter of the Pulling Together Journeys, and we'd love it if you could
support this worthwhile cause by casting your vote today. Please go to scroll down to Paddle with Purpose...and cast your vote today.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Nahanni- an RM Patterson themed trip

Experience the Nahanni in this RM Patterson-themed trip with his biographer David Finch
       Trip dates are July 30 to Friday, August 10, 2012.

Experience the places where Patterson walked, canoed, camped and wrote the impressions in his diary that he used to create his classic book, The Dangerous River. David will tell stories by the fire, read bits from the diary, and help you see the river through Patterson's eyes…. This adventure allows you to experience the Nahanni’s “Grand Canyons” during a relaxing float down the river in a raft or a canoe.

Twelve day trips from Virginia Falls allow lots of time for exploring and savoring the beauty of the Nahanni because…why rush if you don't have to?
The price for this trip is about $6000 from Fort Simpson - plus park fee.
See this link for details about the 12-day trip:

Video: How to Assemble Nested Prospectors

Fly in canoe trips, don't have to cost a fortune. Being able to nest a canoe inside of another canoe can save thousands of dollars, which in return can equal more trips, more trips equals more fun!

Check out the video below.  The assembly of a 'take apart canoe'  is very simple and straight forward. Once assembled the Clipper nestable canoes are as rigid and durable as the standard construction that people have trusted and loved for years. If you do lots of fly in northern trips this could be an option worth looking into, one float plane is sure a lot cheaper than two.

Happy paddling from your friends at Clipper Canoes.